Context Floor Sample Sale: Ko-Ko Table by Shiro Kuramata, you save $428

Get this bargain and save $428 on the Ko-Ko Table by Shiro Kuramata, now on floor sample sale at Context. Modern tables can easily fit into a contract or residential application as their sleek contour can be positioned in order to provide a surface area in a relatively narrow space. A modern service table in polish chromed metal and black-stained ash, Ko-Ko looks as if it is floating in space - it disappears and reappears according to the attention you give to this piece of furniture and to the lights direction, infusing whimsy and vibrancy into any modern d├ęcor. With a unique square design, Kuramata's service table comes with a chromed half-moon shaped bar that helps you stabilize your items on the wooden surface as soon as you decide to move Ko-Ko and all the items right at the same time. With an organic shape that is extremely versatile and easy to handle, this table is a space saving solution for anyone who is looking for a highly functional and affordable piece of furniture. You can shop this modern service table here.


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