Lighting Sale: Ceiling Lights by Slamp, 20% off

Save up to 20% off and get to relax in the ambient lighting cast by these discount ceiling lights by Slamp. Nothing is likely to transform a place like the right amount of light - using modern ceiling lights to illuminate your entire room, provide light for reading or just highlight your favorite accent piece is definitely the right way to go when looking for remarkable maneuverability and perfect balance between function and form. Defined as "a pure design company which moves as fast as light", Slamp is an Italian manufacturer that entered into the lighting market in 1994, offering "impulsive and un-programmed" designs that celebrate playful experiment and enhanced functionality, both captured in the unmistakable sign of Slamp concepts. With a characteristic contemporary touch and lightness, these ceiling lights go well in any home setting that yearns for unusual color patterns and appealing modern shapes. Easy to integrate and adding a genuinely warm and lively touch to any modern home, Slamp's ceiling lights are sure to provide a friendly mood. Discover the complete sale selection here. Free shipping included.


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