Skagerak Skagen Section Teak Sale: Outdoor Table, Bench and Two Chairs Sale

Normally sold for € 2,512, the robust Skagerak Skagen outdoor teak table, with bench and two chairs is quite a bargain for € 1,424. The € 1,088 is cool 43% off. You get this quintessential classical Scandinavian garden furniture set that will be enjoyed by generations.


You can use this bargain inside as well, just beware the wood might contract slightly. You may want to also re-tighten every furniture piece after a few months of inside use.

To help combat the lacquer fissures because of changes in outside humidity and temperature, Skagerak Repair Paint is. The fissures must be repaired immediately. When the furniture is assembled, the screws should only be tightened until it stops so not to crack the paint. On sale here.

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