Taraxacum 88 by Achille Castiglioni: Suspended light fixture, save $1,099

Save 20% on Taraxacum 88 suspended light fixtures. Normally $5,495, this beautiful fixture is currently just $4,396. Full of bright yet soft light and meaning dandelion in Italian, Taraxacum is postmodern reinterpretation by Achille Castiglioni of the suspension fixture also named Taraxacum that he designed with his brother, Pier Giacomo, some 50 years ago. Made of 20 polished aluminum equilateral triangular plates joined together to create an icosahedron - one of the 5 Platonic polyhedrons figuring prominently in Euclidean geometry. 3 recessed sockets hols clear large globular bulbs. The suspended light fixture on sale comes with 60 bulbs. Save $1,099 here.

suspended-light-fixture-taraxacum-88-achille-castiglioni.jpg<br />

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